So here we are, I’ve already broken the alphabetical spree. I just wanted to write a quick post before I’m up and out of bed, going out for a delightful day of sheep-shearing. They aren’t even my sheep!

I just wanted to say how welcome everyone in the blogging world has made me feel with regard to my posts and topic area etc. Everyone has been so sensitive and I’m loving the feedback I’m getting from you all.

Thank you for liking, following and all that happy stuff.

I would really appreciate it if you could continue doing what you can to spread the word, because I feel that ADHD is a really important thing that people need to know about. Before I got diagnosed, I knew nothing about it. I thought it was when kids yelled and chucked stuff around classrooms. And now I realise how awful that stereotype is, because it is, unfortunately, the popular belief about ADHD.

I haven’t got time for a long post right now but I just wanted to pass on my message of HUGE love and thanks for your contributions to my new blog. I hope I am explaining ADHD well and am maybe even able to help some people with their struggles.

So thank you all a billion, and please, like, share, follow, re blog, comment and do all of that awesome stuff that you guys do on here to spread the world about, what I feel (and I hope you agree), is a really important subject.

Now I really must go – mom yelling at me from downstairs. Sheep await me. Lots of love.

– Ellie xo

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