So what makes me really mad is seeing something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 19.40.22

For those of you who don’t know Katie Hopkins, she is a TV personality who is basically a gigantic idiot. She insults people who she doesn’t even know like it’s her job, on television, for the whole wide world to see. I don’t mind her having her own opinions. But what I DO mind is her acting like an absolute moron about something that is now, inevitably, pretty close to my heart, and in general a pretty sensitive and controversial topic everywhere. People have a right to think what they like, but when it’s Katie, I literally have no reason to tolerate her because she has said some pretty awful stuff in the past, and denies it’s bad, claiming that it’s what everyone thinks anyway. Hmph.

All I know is that I’m pretty sure she got really famous in the first place because she said some bloody stupid comment about not liking children with names after countries or flowers, and turns out one of her kids is called India and the other one Poppy. These may/may not be the exact names of the kids – I can’t remember – and don’t want to look it up again because I can’t be bothered with anymore of her crap. I just think it hurts when people can judge others from no experience at all – no matter what the subject, and you’ve really got to be a certain type of person to feel like it’s okay to act like that towards others. Regarding mental illness you must always be especially careful, and to me, merely because of my situation and experience with them, it’s sort of an insult. If her kids ever are found to have anything wrong with them, I will honestly pray for them, because who knows how she would treat them. Here is another example of her slagging people off:

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She does it because she knows that the more outrageous the stuff she says is, the more famous she’ll get therefore the more money she’ll get, I assume. But to other’s expense? Nu-uh, not okay. Of course you could argue that you don’t have to listen to her. And of course the majority of us don’t. But it’s still in the news, on the internet, on twitter, and people reply to her tweets AGREEING. So it’s bound to grab our attention a little, right? No matter how hard we try to ignore it, its pretty difficult when it’s everywhere you look because it’s so outrageous! Freedom of speech, yeah, okay. Argue it if you like. But there is always someone who will be upset by what you say so just try to be more sensitive in your approach, that’s all!

When people say ADHD isn’t a thing, it never really bothered me that much. I was just like hey, they can think what they want, who cares? But when people have a discussion online about mental illnesses being ‘fake’, I’ve decided that it DOES bother me. It’s like saying being homosexual is a choice. There are studies on both the gay brain and the ADHD brain proving that they are actually wired differently to the ‘majority’ brain, and those who are, for example, either gay/have ADHD, they will argue relentlessly against this because they can’t control it and that’s obvious to them! And surely brain scans are proof enough that neither of them are fake so I don’t really know how anyone can still persist with the idea that they’re ‘not real’ or that they’re a ‘choice’. Urgh.


Sorry just I saw the post online and thought you know what, I should post about how mad this makes me. This is exactly what I’m trying to CHANGE about society with this blog, and if you agree with me PLEASE SHARE! To everyone and anyone who you know will agree, spread the word. People who don’t understand mental illness just pretend it’s not real because they’d rather not have to deal with it but OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! There are people other than you in the world and just because it doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect others! It’s like saying ‘oh, I don’t ever want to live in poverty…therefore it doesn’t exist’. No! It’s very real and very now and something has to be done! It’s selfish and narrow-minded and frankly I haven’t got time for it, I don’t know about you, dear readers.

Sorry for the morbid blog but frankly that made me incredibly fed up. Please do comment your views if you have any and I’ll be sure to get back to you as I love hearing your feedback. I would normally laugh these things off and take the piss out of myself – but since it’s still all very new to me, I’m still rather touchy. Sorry. I’m not grumpy I promise I just sound like it because Katie Hopkins angers me, and I know I’m not the only one – Twitter goes ballistic when she says awful things like these, and long may it continue. I say we form an army. Lol.



– Ellie xo

ps. I’m ginger so you can imagine I was, again, rather offended by this comment:

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Let me know your thoughts + whether or not you feel the urge to tweet her insanity.

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