So my lovelies, I’ve come up with a yummy new juice for you all to try. I generally don’t like following the recipes from the books you get about juicing because they all tend to include gross things like spinach and beetroot. My parents drink ones like that because they’re like, mega healthy. Not that there’s a problem with that – it’s great. But the smoothies they drink are just a bit, um, bleurgh. I’ll have to get used to them someday – but baby steps. A fruit smoothie is a big deal for me!

So I looked in the fruit bowl and we happened to have my two absolute favourite fruits so I just thought hey why not? It sounds bad but we have like, three juicers in our house. One big ‘family’ one which mom generally uses. Then dad has the one and only ‘Nutribullet’ in all it’s fame and glory, which mom got him for his birthday last year. And I have the Breville ‘Blend Active’ one which is really useful for school – I can make a smoothie then take off if I’m in a rush, and I got that for Christmas last year.

Since I got my diagnosis I’ve been told I have to do a lot more exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables – so I’ve decided to occasionally log that on here too – although I’m not too sure how well this ‘change’ will go. It’s rather annoying to be honest because all of a sudden I have to change the daily routine that I’m so used to – just for ADHD. But I guess it’s a good thing in the long term as it will make me healthier. I hate that I have to change things because I like the food I eat and, as I think I may have alluded to before, I hate changing plans and the way that I do things.

So, since I’m an INCREDIBLY fussy eater, I thought I’d better make the most of the fact that there was some fruit at home that I would actually enjoy eating – and rather than eating them just as nectarines and mango, I thought it would be far more interesting to eat them as a drink – because I’m weird like that – tiny things really make my day lol 🙂

I have also decided to include some home-made photos so you can see the process – although I’m pretty sure it’s the most self-explanatory process in the world and my photos are rubbish – but hey I had fun pretending I’m good at photography for a bit haha!


Step one: peel one small mango and chop it up into small-ish bits, and do the same with two small nectarines (although obviously you don’t need to peel them – although you may wish to!)

Step two: put them all into the blender/bottle/whatever device you happen to own.

Step three: add ice! I put in about five cubes.

Step four: blend them.



And there you have it! Your yummy smoothie! That was probably literally the most simplistic tutorial in the world and it’s definitely something that any of you can figure out for yourselves – but I thought I would post it anyway because I just wanted to share how yummy it is – as those fruits together were definitely really yummy! That combination of fruit was a really nice combo and I definitely recommend it. My other favourite fruit is passion fruit – however I know for a fact that I strongly DISLIKE passion fruit in a smoothie because you want to just drink the smoothie – whereas passion fruit seeds are crunchy as they are too small to be broken during the blending process. Some people might like it but I just prefer to appreciate the taste rather than having to chew at the same time!

I also made waaaay more than I could drink myself – I reckon this recipe would serve about three people, so you could either share it with a friend – or my preferred method is to just keep it in the fridge for myself later when I’m feeling peckish (with a post-it note stuck to it saying DO NOT DRINK). Oh I’m soooo generous 😉

That’s it from me here peeps – but if you like this sort of thing look out for more soon as I will be trying to do more healthy stuff to improve my ADHD! I’ve been trying to do more exercise etc (again, big deal for me. I hate exercise haha!) So I shall keep you updated – water too is incredibly important to keep your brain hydrated and to encourage focus. There is a great water app for smartphones – simply called ‘MyWater’ if anyone is interested. I find it really helpful as it reminds me when I should be drinking and how much I should be drinking – which again is great for me because being ADHD, I forget to do things like drink. If there’s not water on the table in front of me, I just don’t drink. It seems crazy but I just forget it’s a necessity! And then I wonder why I get headaches…but yeah, an app is perfect because I’m always on my phone so there’s no way I can forget!

Hope you enjoyed that – just thought it might be a nice change from depressing posts as that seems to be a trend here! But hey that’s the point of this blog to talk openly about emotion – it doesn’t matter if it’s depressing so long as we’re discussing it. But I thought this may be a refreshing angle to taking action with my ADHD.

Lots of love!

– Ellie xo

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