Hola chicos,

So here’s yet again something a little different. I’ve been pretty down this month with exams increasing stress levels therefore increasing ADHD, OCD and Anxiety symptoms.

So I thought it might be interesting to do one of those ‘Monthly Favourites’ tags to cheer myself up. I’m just going to list and explain a few of the things that I’ve used/worn/seen this month that made an impression on me (in a good way)! So not the usual ‘Favourites’ tags that others tend to do because they’re more like, beauty products, whereas mine are just things in general. Sooo let’s get started! 🙂
#1 Eliza and Ethan dress, in midnight blue

Having red hair, this number I guess brings it out. Honestly, I’m not a dress fan in the slightest unless they just resemble a sort of, casual T-shirt haha. But I’ve got my prom soon and I can’t exactly turn up in jeans!

It was about a hundred pounds or so, which is very expensive but then again in comparison to other prom dresses, it’s like a third of the price! I love it because it’s incredibly plain and simple. But the best part about it are the possible designs. It is a one-size fits all dress and was created to be able to actually be worn again after prom and not just be a waste of money! It basically consists of a bandeau (which you can either chose to wear or not, depending on how revealing you want to be), and then a long flowing skirt with two sort of, long tassle/drape bits coming off the front which you put over your shoulders as straps. It’s super hard to explain! You can tie these tassle bits in whichever way you want – make it a one-shouldered dress, twist them around the back, or simply tie them over your shoulders. It’s really fun and nice because I can actually wear it dressed-down because it’s not too smart and you can change the style so it will look like a different dress each time – rather than one of those one-wear crackly-material, puffy prom dresses!


#2 Nike Air Max Trainers

I know this one is a bit cliche but you know what? I am literally obsessed. Pretty sure every single outfit I wear I manage to match with a pair of one of my Nike Air Max’s! I’ve always been very much a sneakers kinda gal ever since I was little. But I think I’ve finally found the perfect balance in a trainer: fashionable but runnable, pricey but not too bad because I fit kids sizes, goes-with-everything but casual…I live in them! I currently have three pairs; and I know they are hellishly expensive so before you exclaim in shock about how much three pairs would cost, listen to how I came about these three pairs – I haven’t paid full-price for any of them. Overall I probably have paid the price of what one of the cheapest adult pairs would normally cost, which personally I don’t think is such bad going!

airmaxblog   I have the green and grey pair. My ones are however a lot more ‘bashed-up’ than these ones! I got this pair for twenty five quid, an old pair from a friend who needed money so was selling them. Twenty five pounds isn’t a lot for Air Max, however for a second-hand and not exactly clean pair, I guess it’s expensive. But to be honest, there was no way I was going to buy a pair of fully-priced ones and I reaaaaalllllyyyy wanted them so I just thought why not?

internationalblogI have the Nike International blue and grey Air Max, which aren’t exactly these ones but these were the closest-looking to mine I could find. I got these when I was in Germany last summer. These are the only pair I actually have ever bought from a shop. Because I have tiny feet, I’m lucky enough to still be able to fit into kids sizes, which automatically chops off about twenty five to thirty quid. So I’m already doing well. However in Germany, they were even cheaper! I think they were around forty five euros…so in pounds that’s what, thirty five? No idea but it’s less. And normally kids Air Max’s in England are around fifty instead of ninety. So basically guys, everyone buy Air Max from Germany haha!

bryonyairmaxblog   I have the bright orange suede leapoard-print pair. My friend was selling them new and un-worn. Guess how much for? A fiver!!!! My mom hates that I buy shoes from other people but, I just think why waste ninety quid on a pair if your friend wants to sell them for cheaper and good-as-new? And they’re my friends it’s not like they’re some randomer, y’know? These are currently my favourite pair, just because they add so much colour to an outfit! I wear blacks, greys and dark colours in general quite a bit because they suit my skin tone and hair colour, so it’s nice to have a bright pair of shoes to add a bit of interest!

#3 The New York Bakery Co. Bagels!

Literally my obsession food-wise at the moment. I bought them on impulse about a week ago because I used to eat them a lot, toasted with butter. But then I went off them and just thought they were a bit plain. But when I bought them the other day, I brought them home and toasted one, buttered it and thought – maybe I’ll put some Marmite on it too. So I did. And my goodness am I glad I did. I now literally have bagel butter marmite and I’m satisfied for the day. So yummy.

bagelsblog (the blue ones – plain – are my favourite).

#4 Kiss fm

It sounds sad but it’s genuinely like I’ve made a new friend. With all this revision for exams etc, I get pretty lonely. I know I’m easily distracted with my ADHD, but I get even more distracted the more lonely I feel. If I’m sat in a room alone working I’m probably more likely to surf the internet etc, and listening to the radio helps to avoid this. Kiss radio has great, new music but at the same time it’s not too distracting because it sort of fades into the background. It’s just super good because it makes me feel like I’m not so alone so don’t get too bored – and can work well! It’s like when you’re home-alone and you switch the telly on loud so there’s always noise in the background and it doesn’t seem so scary (yeah I’m a wimp but shh). There’s also an app called ‘Kiss Kube’ if you feel that way inclined.


#5 L’Oreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo

This smells absolutely gorgeous. Yeah, it happens to be for kids’ hair but that’s not too much of a big deal. It’s actually probably better for your hair because it’s more sensitive! It just smells like, I can’t describe it but it’s beautiful. It’s genuinely like, one of the pleasures of life. It doesn’t even smell that much like strawberry. More just like…I can’t find a way to describe it. It’s just like rainbows and fairies…you gotta buy it now, I’m telling you.


#6 The Bucket List

This movie is a heart-warming, emotional film starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, both bed-bound and dying of cancer. When they are told that neither of them has more than a year to live, they decide to write a bucket list, and head out to complete the tasks they set for themselves. I won’t go into detail and spoil it but it’s a truly lovely film. For a while I wanted to watch it but was a little put off but the cover of the DVD, which I know is really bad so apologies. But when I did eventually watch it on a girly evening with mom and my sister, accompanied by a feast of Dominoes Pizza, I saw it’s beauty. A definite must-see if you haven’t already.


That’s it for today folks – I hope you enjoyed this post – a bit different again I know!

I just thought it would be nice to write about all the things I’ve enjoyed this month as part of my aim to be more positive – to show myself that there have been plenty of good things about this month, however small. These may seem like silly little things but I think it’s important to notice and appreciate the small things in life which cheer you up or even just put a smile on your face for a few moments. Identifying these can help you to feel more positive in tough times. So I just thought I’d share mine with you 🙂

Au revoir,

– Ellie xo

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