Hey Chums,

Just a heads up that I won’t be posting a whole lot until next week now because I have my final exams to complete. But I will be back and active Monday pm for definite – although if you’re lucky you may get one or two before then hehe (I can’t resist blogging sometimes) :D.

I have quite a few really exciting things hopefully happening too – but I will probably tell you about them after my exams!

I’m also due to be doing another set of award questions as I was nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award also thank you so much! (Can’t tag as writing this on my phone but obviously will when I actually do the post!) πŸ˜€

Lots of love and thank you so much for everything you guys are doing for me, and the encouragement makes me feel like I’m on top of the world :). Sorry for the cheesy soppy moment but, well, that’s just me isn’t it :p.

Au Revoir, Toodlepip, Hasta la Vista!

-Ellie xo

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