I found myself here again, fighting the urge to blog. WHYYYY! I had this one lined up so thought I may as well :).

I got nominated for the Creative Blogger Award courtesy of Parker – thanks so much buddy! Go check out his blog he’s got some pretty cool stuff going – and everyone should be so inspired by his passion! AND A Teenage Diary Online AND Amy!


Here’s a logo for the award but dunno why it’s spelt like that…I thought it was pretty ‘kreativ’ to be honest so thought I’d include it 😉 haha.

Since I just did my ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’, the blogs I want to nominate haven’t really changed vastly haha! So I’d like to nominate only two people for this – simply because I wanted to nominate them before but they already did that award! Here they are:



Both awesome bloggers and definitely very creative!

Now – I hear from a little birdy that for this particular award, I am supposed to tell you five facts about myself. I have however just recently done this post and this post which pretty much do that already!

BUT I love giving you guys ways to know me better so I’m gonna try and think of five different, not previously mentioned facts. This is probably gonna be pretty hard so don’t hate on me if they’re crap and boring, although I hope they’re not xD.

FACT 1 – I know Parker already put this in his award but I thought it was quite an interesting fact to tell you nevertheless – I too am a fully qualified Lifeguard! However I’m unfortunately far too scared to actually use it to get a job – the thought that someone else’s life might be in my hands is terrifying!

FACT 2 – I have an unhealthy relationship with food. Fussiest eater EVER to the point that at school I literally don’t eat any of the meals. Don’t worry I don’t starve lol there’s always Tesco etc – but it just means I end up eating crap for six weeks, then I go home and eat super healthily as my family do all that gross stuff like drink spinach juice, and it just alternates between super unhealthy, super healthy, blah blah blah… At home if I don’t like the food there isn’t a choice – I have to eat it. But at school you don’t have to eat the food so I normally avoid most of the meals because they’re properly bad. I end up just being like a ghost-girl until I can be bothered to get off my arse and make the treck to Tesco (well, it’s like a two minute walk, but shh) :p.

FACT 3 – I cry literally every night. But that’s ok. I mean I’m not embarrassed about it. It’s ok to cry :).

FACT 4 – My dad died when I was 6 months old. I was born July ’97 and he died December ’97. I guess some of you might think it’s ‘inappropriate’ to post this as one of my facts. I don’t really think so – I’m okay with talking about it so why shouldn’t I? That’s what people often say is a good thing about me; I’m really open about pretty much anything. I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot of the time and while it gets me hurt sometimes, I think it’s the strongest way to be. Why shy away from telling people stuff? I dunno I mean I just really appreciate when people are open and honest to me so I try to do the same. Whilst it might be awkward at first if I told you my dad died, it would save a whole load of awkward stuff in the future. I just think it’s easier that way, and I’m cool with it :). I’m not, you know, saying I go up to people like ‘Hey my dad died’. I just mean I’m not into hiding stuff!

FACT 5 – I am an obsessive nail-biter. I mean either way, I can’t win. If I try growing them then they just get dirt and gross stuff under them and I hate that. But when I bite them they hurt and bleed so I hate that too! But unfortunately, I have a very addictive and impulsive personality; therefore I’m addicted. I never did it before boarding school, but since I started five years ago I haven’t stopped 😦 I reckon it’s the stress -.-

Anyway, those are my five facts – hope they were insightful enough for your liking :). Have an awesome Thursday!

– Ellie xo

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