Today I’d just like to share something pretty outrageous with you all. You may have heard, or you may have not. It’s very old; Sky News posted the article 29th November 2014. However it has only just come to my attention, and I thought I owe it to you all to rant about it for a few words or so, just in case you haven’t seen it and I’m not the only out-of-date one here.

A girl suffering from mental health issues was put in PRISON for two nights last year because there were not enough psychiatric ward beds available. That’s appalling, no?!

Imagine how terrifying that would be! A sixteen-year-old girl placed in prison for two nights. TWO. I would imagine it would make her problems even worse! She must have been so scared! Surely anywhere is better than jail.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton spoke out about the appalling nature of this event, tweeting;


The two nights that she spent in custody were a Friday night and a Saturday night, which would clearly be the two worst days to be there! Netherton said that they wouldn’t even keep a criminal in custody for that long. In his area (Devon and Cornwall), there were 750 people alone with mental health issues who had been detained in police stations. They were reportedly moved as soon as is possible in the circumstances, but this case was a CHILD, which is the most worrying factor. A sixteen-year-old CHILD. I’m turning eighteen in like three weeks and I know would be terrified – don’t tell me you wouldn’t!

Netherton also said; ‘I do not think there’s sufficient provision for children who suffer mental health issues’. He’s hit the nail on the head right there, in my opinion. PREACH IT PAUL. 3300 jobs have been cut in mental health nursing, and 1500 beds have been removed, according to The Royal College of Nursing. The government just keeps shutting down departments of mental health in counties all over the UK – so for many their nearest department in not even in their county!

People are asking, why did a policeman have to speak out before the girl actually received the help that she required? Was the plan to just leave her there in the prison until she demanded the care she was admitted for in the first place? I’m appalled. Didn’t realise our society was so corrupt.

Sky’s article includes a video which talks about seven people losing their lives that week (at the time of publishing), just while they were waiting for a bed in a psychiatric ward. NHS England had cut mental health services funding 20% MORE than they had in all other services at the time of publishing.

Anyway. I pretty much to wrote up the article in my own words because it upset and frustrated me, but you should go take a look at the original one;

It just really got to me that something like this can truly happen, and I hope you agree. Share, comment and like if you can, and spread this around! NO-ONE should be treated like this, and something’s gotta be done. A mind in pain is just as important as a leg in pain.

-Ellie xo

ps. I’m not trying to be ignorant with the situation – of course I understand that perhaps some people may think that prison was the safest place for her if she was in a position to harm herself or others. I do not know her specific condition or situation as they were not mentioned anywhere in the article. I am fully aware that I cannot judge the situation without the ‘full picture’. I am merely trying to spread my outrage and opinion on issues such as these because I feel that nobody should deserve prison unless they are a criminal! I’m just basing it on my own feelings in that I know I would HATE to be put in jail if I had done nothing wrong and just needed help!

Thanks for reading.

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