Hello Chums!

I’m awfully sorry for my disappearance – disgraceful I know. I was staying at my boyfriend’s house, and it was perfect again.

We just lolled about on the sofa watching telly, ate a ton of chocolate, went suit shopping for him and his brother, and just generally did fun, relaxing stuff. He wants to get a navy checked suit ‘cos he’s ‘indie’. We also watched ‘Kingsman’. My days is that a good movie. I did not think it would be my cup of tea at all, but we watched it and it’s UH-MAZING. Deffo everyone go watch it! Especially those gals who enjoy the idea of Colin Firth as a spy – don’t be shy ;).

Anyway, I missed Max so much, I forget how perfect things feel when I’m with him. He’s so sweet and looks after me so well…seeing him again reminded me wha the does for me and how much fun we have together. He’s my best friend as well as my boyfriend. The stuff we laugh at and the stuff we do is just like, beyond weird but we don’t judge each other for anything because we just think it’s hilarious!

I’m aware that I have a ton of stuff to catch up on – such as awards etc that I haven’t done, so thanks so much for nominating me! I will be doing them I’ve just been so caught up in love recently! Lol don’t laugh I’m sorry I’m cheesy okay xD

A couple of friends and I are going away now for five days so I may/may not write until after that – it’s surprising how busy my summer has been already! I’d like to be able to write while I’m there – I’ll probably do some picture taking etc and post them if you like, maybe you’ll be able to guess where I am :p, but if not then I’ll have to send you a gift box of my hugest apologies. Deal?

Oh yeah, another thing that happened while I was gone – my grandpa bought me my eighteenth birthday present – a really beautiful diamond cross necklace – it’s so dainty and sparkly! I lurveeeee it and I’m SO excited for my birthday! It’s like, what the 25th today…so my birthday is in a fortnight! 😀 gonna be eighteen yeaaaa bitchezzzz.

Anyway, I’m stressing because I’m leaving in a couple of hours and I haven’t packed or done my emails or posted for ages or anything that I should have done gahhh. Well I guess at least I’m posting this, but it’s not very interesting for you guys…sorry!!!

I have been off my medication for two days now because I didn’t want to have to take them with me when I went away because at airport customs I would have to be pulled aside in case I was smuggling or whatever, blah blah :p. We’re also planning on going clubbing and all that, and I can’t drink on the pills unless I want to be floored immediately (lol), so I just thought I better come off them. They’re mainly to help me with my work, anyway, and I will NOT be working out there :p.

Right, I must go pack and do all that important stuff I should have done ages ago :p hope you’re all doing good and having awesome summers! More posts to follow! Sorry this has been so boring I’m just trying to fill you in!

Breakfast time!

– Ellie xo

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