So yesterday was the COOLEST and GREATEST day EVER. I’m staying with a friend in Berlin and her dad is in the army. He’s worked really hard and recently been promoted to the title of ‘Brigadier’. This means he’s pretty important and high up in the ranks, so basically he’s gotten us into loads of super cool stuff since we’ve been here – for example The Queen was visiting Berlin the other day, and we got to go into the British Embassy for drinks before she arrived, see her Bentley and then when she got there we got to be in the VIP area! It was amazing! And yesterday we got to be part of the Gay Pride Parade. But we didn’t only see it, we were in it!

Her dad was part of the British/Canadian Embassy’s float for the parade, so we got to be part of it too. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we got given T-Shirts with the motto ‘Same same BUT different’ on them. I wasn’t entirely sure I understood what it meant, because surely it should have said ‘different but the same’, but whatever, it fundamentally meant the same thing I’m sure. We all got on board the float, which was sort of silver with the multicoloured pride balloons around the side and massive speakers underneath a second, higher stage where there were microphones. There was a DJ on board with turn-tables, playing all the hit songs plus some classic and rather fitting songs such as ‘It’s Raining Men’.

However, the real reason I’m writing this post is just to talk about the fantastic nature of this event. I believe it was Gay Pride Day yesterday in every country, to celebrate diversity and the LGBT population. It was such a FANTASTIC event to be a part of because being up there dancing and singing my heart out for gay pride on that float gave me such a fantastic feeling of pride myself! Pride that I was able to be a part of this and to support those who really have absolutely no reason to be ashamed! I have now accomplished something this summer, as far as I’m concerned; and I’m so glad. I told you guys that I wanted to do an event of some sort, and I have. It may not be about Mental Health as I intended, although of course there’s time to do one, but it was still something for the greater good and promoted the idea of being proud of who you are, which really is a beautiful and fantastic belief.

It was a truly beautiful thing to see. Of course I had great fun making friends with glitter-ridden boys and men dressed in flamboyant dresses (I even had an encounter with a naked man with his penis painted silver), but the most important thing to me was seeing all of these men and even a few women being so proud of who they are and what they want from their lives, men holding hands, kissing, sporting T-Shirts reading ‘I ❤ my Boyfriend’ on them…it was so humbling, because finally these people were able to be all together in a community and be free…and I was a part of it, a part of making it happen, I guess you could say. I know it sounds like I’m being patronising or whatever but I promise I’m really not trying to…it just made me feel really emotional to be campaigning for such a great cause, and I’ll never forget the day.

We danced, waved, sang, got our faces painted, made friends and jumped up and down with flags with Pride mottos on them and pink union jacks…it was amazing! I honestly can’t write much more than this because I’m not sure what else there is to tell you other than how honoured I felt to be a part of it, especially in a foreign country! It was simply a VERY TIRING but beautiful, satisfying and supportive day. To see how happy we were making other people was awesome. Sorry I’m having a soppy moment. I just thought it fitting to share.

There were men walking round in the highest of heels, the thickest of makeup and the hottest of hair. It truly was a site to treasure and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I took a million photos and videos, of which I will post a few to give you a little taste of the day. I even got to go onto the top stage to dance, so I took a selfie with the massive crowd behind me – which really worked because of how high the stage was! I felt like famous or something hahaha.


Anyway. That’s it for now folks!

Hope you enjoyed it – did anyone else take part in the parade?


-Ellie xo


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