Hey guys!

So I have been taking a few blogging courses here and there, primarily orientated towards Guest Blogging. Now, Guest blogging is, I believe, when one decides that one would enjoy writing a column or whatever for another blogger in their niche. I have a few lined up to do which I keep delaying because of plans etc, but I am VERY keen to get them done soon. However, there is one that I have written (although not yet published), and it’s for ‘The Psychologist’ magazine. I emailed the editor, and I was surprised I even got a reply because editors are so busy that they often won’t even see your email.

So I emailed the editor with a short proposal, as I have been taught on my course, and he responded the next day! I was so pleased! But you know what I’m like – I’ve got ADHD – I procrastinate and put things off and off because I ‘never have enough time’. Especially recently because I came off my medication to go to Berlin so that I could drink and avoid awkward questions at airport security about my pills. But you can see my dilemma in that it has given me an excuse to be lax with things such as my blog. Of course I love to write but I just can’t seem to stay focused for long enough without my medication. But anyway, I’m on the plane home now, listening to some Calvin Harris, and thought I’d write and kill some time. I think I’ll get back onto my meds when I’m home, though. Well, after prom on Saturday…because, well, I’m planning on getting quite drunk lol.

I’m really sad my holiday is over! I actually really enjoyed it, despite my nerves and worry about new situations before I went. It was a lovely, chilled holiday, I’m so glad I went, and so sad I had to leave! Omg sorry, sidetracked there. You can tell I’m not on meds can’t you haha! Whilst I was there I got two more piercings, was sick from alcohol and had a seriously scary encounter with a creepy man on the tube.

So yeah. The Psychologist. It’s a magazine as well as a blog, and gets printed properly I think etc so pretty prestigious as far as I’m concerned! Imagine if I could get properly published! So I pitched the idea of writing for the magazine about ‘Awareness of ADHD in Schools’. The editor came back with the green light in the sense that he would be happy to consider something if I wrote it and sent it to him, which is definitely a good thing because he could have shot down the idea immediately! So I eventually stopped procrastinating and reveling in the idea that he liked my proposal, and got on with actually writing the thing. I can’t tell you guys the details yet as I’m not sure it’s allowed until/if if gets published! I sooooooo hope it does though!

I sent him my article, which was about double the number of words he asked for but…you guys know me, I just can’t keep the words in :p. He replied having read it, saying he just wanted me to add a question clause at the end, asking the readers what they think should be done to increase awareness, and how they can share their knowledge of the condition of ADHD to help awareness. That’s a good sign, right? I mean I hope it is! If it were rubbish I assume he would have just said so, instead of asking me to add something at the end? That suggests that perhaps if I fulfil his suggestion, he will be happy to publish it? I mean I don’t really know about this kind of thing but I really hope so. If I could just get my voice out there, PUBLISHED?!?! SO exciting, no?! Would be the BEST birthday present EVER (I’m eighteen SOOOOO SOON!) People might FINALLY take me seriously! Ahhhhh so cool.

But yeah, anyway. That’s it really, just thought it was quite exciting news and wanted to tell you all!

Wish me luck!

– Ellie xo

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