Hello there. I’m Ellie (waves and jumps up and down ecstatically that someone is actually reading her blog).

I’m in my final year (well actually, my final fortnight) of school, and I started this blog to talk about my feelings, random musings, rants and ramblings about life in general since my ADHD diagnosis. I’d love it if you could give me a cheeky follow, like or whatever it is people are doing these days. I’ll return the favour with FREE emails telling you when I’ve written something new for you! How exciting is that! I’m new to this so share it around if you feel so inclined. You do feel that way inclined. Please. Come on. You want to follow me. I can tell. Press it!

I am writing more and more because for some unfathomable reason, people seem to be enjoying my posts! Supply and demand, people. I’m kidding don’t worry I’m not cocky. Just really honoured that something I started to get me through a hard time has actually become something that you are either enjoying, or lying that you’re enjoying. Either suits me thank you very much please thank you to you sir (you’ll only get the reference if you’re a Miranda fan).

Feel free to drop me an email if you like – it would really make my day! Specially if I’m feeling sad! Check out my Contact page if you feel like giving me a smile! My email is also in the big, possibly slightly cheesy box above my head. It’s your call on this one.

Since a select few have liked my blog enough to let me know about it, it has really encouraged me to write more. Having read what you guys write and what you guys have said to me (through email, comments, my survey etc), I have identified that the way lots of people are feeling about their mental health is really not cool. I have been there. Still go there sometimes. It sucks and no-one should have to go there. So. I want change – and I’m gonna get change. Stick with me if you wanna hear updates and all that jazz about how my incredibly ambitious-but-not-impossible campaign is coming along. I’m gonna start with schools. Changing the stereotypical outlook on mental health is of the upmost importance to me and hopefully to you too. Let’s get mental health on the curriculum! Woo! (Great tag-line, right? Yeah, I was thinking that too).

Stay tuned even if you’re not into all that. Firstly I’ll cry (see below) if you leave. And second because I don’t only post about that stuff! It just happens to be an interest of mine and I have a passion for change.

I’d like to introduce myself with a sort of, news bulletin of bullet points about me (the ‘bulletin’ and ‘bullet’ next to each other made me very happy).

– By now you can probably tell: I’m very eccentric. And I love it! I’d love it if you loved it too. Love! Lav lav lav. You get the gist. If you don’t ‘lav’ it then that’s ok. Just go.

– I’m Ellie. I’m seventeen years old (well maybe eighteen or nineteen – depending on how many years I leave this page un-updated).

– I am studying English, French and Spanish at A-Level, hoping to study French at university in September. Not telling you where because things could get creepy.

– I play guitar (electric and acoustic), saxophone and I occasionally sing (not only in the shower and when I’m home alone, believe it or not). Maybe I’ll sing for you one day, if I like you enough.

– I like writing but have never kept my attention span long enough to pursue blogging. I have had numerous previous blogs which have just been pushed to the wayside. But no longer. Things are changing already, my friends.

– I like Netflix? That’s not really very original is it. Okay how about this: I like a series on Netflix called ‘Gavin and Stacey’.

– I cry an abnormal amount (films, books, music, when I get an A in my homework, stuff like that).

– I get headaches a lot (probably due to my excessive crying. Leaves me with no water in my body and my brain gets shrivelled from dehydration).

– I spend a worrying amount of time playing games like SimCity BuildIt, Zoo Tycoon, Theme Park and Ratchett and Clank. I believe the word ‘ratchet’ has become yet again another ‘teen slang’ word. Don’t know what it means, nor do I want to know. It’ll just ruin everything (yeah, I’m dramatic, too).

– I like listening to the radio so I don’t feel alone (specifically KISS).

– I’m ginger, have brown eyes and normally wear contact lenses but if not, my tortoise-shell ‘I’m a blogger’ spectacles, because my sight is unfortunately worse than my nan’s. I strongly reject the word ‘indie’ – but my glasses are indie. Apologies.

– I hate fake and superficial people.

– I hate peppers, courgettes and mushrooms.

– I love macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese, peas, honey cheerios and generally stuff that’s bad for you.

– I have Anxiety, OCD and, you guessed it, ADHD.

– I enjoy not fighting with my family, watching horror films with friends, being rude to teachers and hanging out being soppy and cute with my boyfriend.

– I have a problem with ever spending more than a fiver on anything.

– I love Facebook stalking, Australians and people who are good at building things.

– I’m a girl. Just in case you haven’t gathered.


I hope to be seeing a lot more of you all soon, Chicos. Stick with me. You may find you learn something new – which is excellent because we all hate to feel like we’re wasting time surfing the internet when we should be doing our homework. But don’t worry because I have THE SOLUTION (*angels singing*). Whenever you start to feel guilty, say this to yourself:

Ellie’s blog is educational. I am learning. Therefore homework, you will wait until I am ready to address your ugly face. Right now I am educating myself by researching. Reading Ellie’s work will help me to understand our neighbour – you know the one who gets up at five every morning to take the bins out and mow the lawn without his trousers on? Well I’m gonna learn about why he probably has ADHD. Instead of judging him, you should remember that for someone with ADHD, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. If the trouser drawer is shut, he won’t wear trousers. I learnt that today from reading this ‘About’ page. Therefore I am being educational.

Don’t worry yourselves, my brain is wired differently to yours, so reading my blog most definitely is educational. Oh, and don’t let homework define you. Or ADHD for that matter.

– Ellie xo

PS. I’m really hoping to increase my platforms through my blog, ie. YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Stay tuned over the summer. I’ve gotta tackle these charming exams, first. One thing at a time, Ellie. Forgive me. It’s my child, ADHD. He expects so much of me as a mother! Thinks I can just think about a billion things at all at once! Kids, eh. Only think about themselves.


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